Eat, drink and be merry – the festive season is upon us

Remember the recipe for elderberry wine from the Webley-Parry papers? It’s time for more seasonal delights from the wonderful recipe books in that collection.

This time, the recipes come from a different book, ref. WP/2/2. We are not completely sure how old it is or to whom it belonged but we have some clues: the year 1841 appears on one of the pages, and a letter (with a remedy ‘for a sore Breast’) addressed to Mrs. Webley Parry of Noyadd Trefawr was loose amongst the pages.

So, without further ado, a recipe for ‘Mince Pie’s Meat’:


Mince Pie’s Meat

One pound and a half of suet, ten ounces of raisins, two pounds and a half of Currants, half a pound of sugar, half a quarter of an ounce of Mace, one nutmeg, one pound of Bullock’s heart, mix all together with some Lemon peel, then put a quarter of a pint of Brandy, and a quarter of a pint of white wine. When you use it put in Apple and sweetmeats, and a little salt.

Mincemeat contains minced meat in the other recipe too:


Mince Pie Meat                                                                Mrs. Hope

One pound of Beef Suet, one pound of Currants, one pound of Apples, half a pound of Raisins, half a pound of Moist sugar, six ounces of dressed Beef, six ounces of candied Orange, and Lemon peel, two ounces of Citron, half an ounce of Salt, a quarter of an ounce of Allspice, a quarter of an ounce of Cinnamon, a quarter of an ounce of Cloves, a quarter of an ounce of Ginger, one Nutmeg, the peel and juice of three Lemons, two glasses of Brandy and two glasses of white wine

Plumb Pudding                                                              Mrs. Hope

Ten ounces of Beef Suet, one ounce of Flour, eight ounces of Raisins, eight ounces of Currants, one and half ounce of candied fruit, half a Nutmeg, half a Tea spoonful of Ginger, the same of Allspice, a tea spoonful of Salt, a small Glass full of Brandy, the same of Wine, four Eggs, milk to make it a proper thickness, boil it four hours.

Merry Christmas!

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