Aberystwyth: Official Guide and Souvenir

[From the introduction to the reprint]

When I found an original copy of Aberystwyth, Official Guide and Souvenir in a bookshop in Macclesfield my first thought was to buy it and take it home to where it belonged. But more recently I’ve realized that its previous owners must have cherished it for many years as a lovely souvenir of their sea-side holidays in the very special resort which is Aberystwyth. This is a book which was made to leave town!


We hope you too will buy and enjoy this facsimile reprint of the original 1920s edition. In some respects it’s still an interesting guide to the town; in other respects it’s like time travel – for it will transport you back to an Aberystwyth where telephone numbers were still in single figures, where electric light was still a special feature in the hotels, and where a souvenir bottle of ‘Aberystwyth Breezes’ perfume would cost you two shillings and sixpence.

Helen Palmer
County Archivist, Ceredigion Archives

This splendid reprint is available directly from the Archives for £5, or, for those who don’t live locally, on a print-to-order basis from Amazon.
The original guide’s Ceredigion Archives catalogue number is ADX/1177.

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