A lost corner of old Aberystwyth

Look what we found!

JKM Skinner St

Poplar Row, Aberystwyth. Early 20th century; note the Edwardian style ladies’ attire.


This remarkable early view of Poplar Row comes from the collection belonging to William Jones, who went on to be an air cadet leader. It shows the junction with Skinner Street and railings of Ysgol Skin, the Skinner Street Sunday School, all of which have now been demolished.


The same view now, photographed by John Wiles on 3 February 2016.



1905 plan of Aberystwyth. The photo was taken from outside the Sunday School (between the ‘L’ and ‘A’ in ‘Poplar’ on this map)


The posters on the wall at the far left are for the Union-Castle Line South African Royal Mail Service, showing one of its pre-WWI two-funnel liners, and may have been intended to encourage emigration.


POS301013098  01

Union Castle poster, as seen in photo above.


[Guest blog by volunteer John Wiles who is listing this collection (ref. JKM)]

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3 Responses to A lost corner of old Aberystwyth

  1. David Jenkin says:

    I was pleased to find that I had guessed the right place. Most of the houses that you can see in the picture had been demolished by the time that I walked to school in 1935. However, the map reminded me that I used to hear sound of a large circular saw coming from a small shed (shown on the map next to the Sunday School) where a man used to cut up wood for kindling, which he then bundled and put on a hand cart to take to customers.

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  2. Howard C. Jones says:

    Leslie Lloyd had the small saw mill beside the chapel in the 1950s. The houses on the right included No. 7 where by father’s lived (Lewis and Bridget Jane Jones has six boys and a girl who died young). I played in this street in the 1950s,Because of the posts in the road outside the chapel there was very little traffic.


  3. Howard Jones says:

    In the 1901 Census my Great Grand Parents and Grandmother lived at 14 Poplar Road.


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