Ann Pugh’s Cake


Ref. ABY/WH/2/1/2: Recipe book containing newspaper clippings and handwritten recipes. Includes ‘economy’ recipes from the First World War. First entry is dated 17 February 1917.

Transcript of recipe
Half quartern of dough – mix 2 eggs with it first then 4 oz. of butter and 2oz. of lard. Beat into the dough quite cold. Afterwards add ½ lb currants, 6 oz. sugar and a small quantity of spice. No liquid of any kind.

This cake appears to be more like a bun-loaf or lardy-cake. It is made by adding to a basic dough mixture. I expect you could cut some corners by using a white bread mix, then adding the extra ingredients.

A quartern loaf weighed 4lbs, so we guess this recipe involves 2 lbs of dough. You could halve the quantities given below if using a commercial 500g / 1lb bread mix.

No indication is given of cooking times or heat, but following the timing and oven heat for a 1lb (or 500g) loaf should work – about 35 minutes at 180°-200° (reduce accordingly for fan ovens).


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