Gogerddan Pudding Update

My mother and I ate the Gogerddan Christmas Pudding on Christmas Day. I steamed it for a couple of hours to make sure it was well heated through, turned it out, rushed into the garden for a fresh sprig of holly, heated some brandy, set fire to the pudding (and the holly- whoops!) and served it up. We ate it with Jersey double cream. It was very nice – dark, fruity and not too heavy. My only criticism would be the mixed peel – I bought a brand which had a rather nasty acidic taste to my way of thinking, and although it didn’t spoil the taste of the pudding too much, it wasn’t as nice as peel I’ve acquired in previous years. If I have another go I’ll try to buy the large pieces of peel and chop them up myself. They’re usually delicious.

My mother found the lucky threepenny bit (what a surprise!)


I still have a second pudding and am going to keep it for a while to see how it matures. Meanwhile, we have discovered another copy of the Gogerddan Pudding recipe in a newly catalogued manuscript recipe book. It has identical ingredients but a slightly different description of the process. We’re working on the identity of the owner now. The recipe book contains several interesting recipes which we’re hoping to try in the near future…

Very many thanks to everyone for their comments and observations!


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