Making History: Explore Your Archives 2017 at Ceredigion Archives

Writers, artists, knitters and cooks, composers, ceramicists, photographers… everyone who makes!

We’re inviting you to create something in response to the collections at Ceredigion Archives.

At Ceredigion Archives we have five hundred years’ of Ceredigion’s history. So many lives, so many places, so many events, recorded in words and images. We want to celebrate this year’s Explore Your Archive week with people from all over the county and beyond, who have explored, enjoyed and reacted to the collections by creating something of their own.

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This is a non-competitive enterprise, and submissions from all ages and levels of expertise are welcome. Whether you are a professional maker or whether this is your first attempt we really want you to join in. You might find that a poem or a short story emerges from your research, something you read might turn into a song in your head, perhaps the re-creation of a recipe from long ago will fascinate you into action?

We’ve put some documents and pictures up on our blog to show you some of the range that might inspire you – but don’t be restricted to just these, wondrous though we think they are. Have a look at our catalogue online or our brilliant blogs – this one, or Reporting the Great War,  or Llantood Letters, come along to the Archives to look at the documents you’ve chosen, get inspired and get making!

Your deadline is 18th November, the start of Explore Your Archives Week.  During the following week you’ll be invited to an event at Ceredigion Archives (on the 23rd of November) to exhibit and/or perform your work to an audience. There will be tea and (Cardiganshire heritage) buns, of course.

For more information about the archives look here.

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