The Hallworths part 2: Oh, what a lovely war!

We present part two of the Hallworth family mini series!

ADX1579.07.01 Thomas on the beach, Egypt

On the beach, Egypt

This fascinating photograph shows Thomas Hallworth at war, on the beach near Alexandria. In Civvy Street, Thomas, who had started off as a coachman at Hyde in Cheshire, was a chauffeur, working for Dr Roberts of Penywern, near Aberystwyth.

ADX1579.08.01 Egypt, ambulance

Ambulance in Egypt

Enlisted at age 37 in 1915, Thomas was assigned to the Mechanical Transport arm of the Army Service Corps and drove ambulances in Egypt. We think that these were based on the Model T Ford chassis, but we would be grateful for any information about them.

ADX1579.08.04 Egypt, ambulance fag break

Fag break in Egypt

After the war Thomas and his wife Edith opened a draper’s shop in Bridge Street, Aberystwyth, where the Wash’n Spin’n Dry launderette is now, and Thomas was later proprietor of the Eagle Garage. Read more about the Hallworths’ story here and join Annie for a game of tennis here.

[John Wiles]


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4 Responses to The Hallworths part 2: Oh, what a lovely war!

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  3. kim macdonald says:

    Annie married Henry Pryce Morgan October 1928, my great Uncle, but sadly he died 1934 aged 39, they had no children.


    • Thank you for this extra piece of information – we’ll be sure to add it to the catalogue. We did wonder what became of Annie. Do you know whether she ever remarried?
      The Hallworths’ house on the Buarth has by now been renamed to something quite conventional. It seems they had it from new and named it Antomede, a rather successful combination of Annie, Tom, and Edith.


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