The Hallworths part 3: Anyone for tennis?

We present the third in a guest blog mini-series about the Hallworths and their activities. Catch up with part one and part two, then join Annie Hallworth for a game of tennis!

ADX1579.12.01 Tennis club group photo

ADX/1579/12/1. Annie Hallworth is in the front row, third from left.

Interwar small town tennis clubs were social hubs where young people could meet away from the constraints of home. The group photograph shows that the Queen’s Road courts, laid down in 1923, attracted a rather cosmopolitan crowd that included students from the University College.

ADX1579.12.07 Anyone for tennis

ADX/1579/12/7. Annie Hallworth is second from right.

The other snaps show Annie Hallworth at the centre of a vibrant social circle, with plenty of female chums and male acquaintances.


ADX/1579/12/3. Annie Hallworth is second from left.

Whilst most of these pictures were taken at Queen’s Road, two snapshots, in which the players recline in deckchairs, were taken at an as yet unidentified ground in the town’s rural hinterland.

ADX1579.12.06 Rural tennis

ADX/1579/12/6. Annie Hallworth in the centre.

College Hall, destroyed by fire in August 1933, can be seen in the background of the group portrait, giving a rough date for this fascinating series of pictures.


ADX/1579/11/2. Keen motorist Annie at the wheel!

[John Wiles]

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