Reporting the Aftermath of the Great War

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As you can see on our Reporting the Great War blog, we continue to write about the events which relate to the Great War.



After 224 weeks of blogging the impact of the war on the inhabitants of Cardiganshire, peace was declared and the Armistice signed. Week by week there had been interesting and often emotional stories, and if time had allowed, it would have been fascinating to delve deeper into these reports in order to discover more. As the blog progressed, it seemed to become more and more important to bring to light the names of those who had suffered and given of their all. The coming of peace did not end the effects of the war on the County’s population so it seems only appropriate to record those events of 1919 which were a result of the war. Indeed, the newspapers and items in Ceredigion Archives’ collections continue to convey much which relates to the aftermath of the war such as demobilisation, the return of prisoners, memorials, the treatment of discharged or disabled soldiers and sailors, the role of women, pensions, housing, and more.

It has thus felt rather premature to bring the blog to an immediate end as the effects felt in the aftermath of the war continued to be as significant to many of those living in Cardiganshire as those during the years of conflict.


Our huge thanks to Margaret E. Jones for her tireless – and continuing – work on the blog.

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