A Battered Suitcase in the Attic: Explore Your Own Archive

The name of this year’s Ceredigion campaign is ‘A Battered Suitcase in the Attic’. It is about getting people to value their own personal archives. The title reflects the half-forgotten treasures that many people have hidden in the attic or under the bed in their homes.

The campaign wants to make people in the county consider and start to really value the documents that they’ve stashed away, and to get a conversation going about how it’s a very good idea not to throw everything when moving house or clearing a former home.

There are emotional and ethical issues to be addressed. Why do we keep what we keep as individuals? Under what circumstances is it appropriate for personal and ‘private’ family archives be placed in an archives repository?

Ceredigion Archives intends to use collections which originated from the ‘battered suitcases’ of the title to explore the rich potential of family archives not only for the family itself but for the wider community.

Explore Your Archive is a UK and Ireland wide campaign delivered by the Archives and Records Association. It aims to showcase the best of archives and archive services to a wide range of existing and potential users.

Check out the week’s timetable (still a work in progress), then join us again at the Aberystwyth Bandstand and Explore Your Own Archive!

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