About us

Ceredigion Archives is the record office for the old county of Cardiganshire, now known as Ceredigion. We are part of Ceredigion County Council. You can read more about us on our website: www.archifdy-ceredigion.org.uk

Use of English and Welsh on our sites

Ceredigion Archives aims to be bilingual on our official website and on social networking sites. The website is bilingual and we aim to post Welsh and English content simultaneously. We do not translate our catalogues but our policy is that where the majority of documents in a collection are in English, that language has been used when describing the collection; where the majority of documents in a collection are in Welsh, we have catalogued the collection in that language.

With social networking sites, we have decided to be bilingual-but-flexible. In practice, this means slightly different things on different sites.

Blog: We originally intended to have one blog, with some posts in English and others in Welsh. We did not intend to have them translated. We soon realized that this would not work and that we would have to provide translations – which, on one blog, would make it twice as long and might affect the quality of the reading experience. The solution was to have two parallel blogs and to endeavour to post translations as soon as possible. However, the blog is meant to be more immediate in character so sometimes there may be a delay before a translation appears. We hope you will forgive us.

Twitter: we have one account, @CeredigionArch, and we tweet in English or Welsh; the language depends on who is tweeting and we do not translate our tweets. We try to keep an even balance between the two languages.

Facebook: we use it mostly to announce new blog posts, and this will happen in Welsh or English, much as with Twitter. Our About Us page is bilingual.

Our header images

We have been asked about the images which appear as headers for our blog. They all come from our collections but have been cropped to fit the site template. Here they are in their entirety; click to enlarge, and if you would like to see the originals, please visit us!

CCC crest colour with words CRO logo

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