Welcome to Ceredigion Explore Your Archive 2016!

Do you love maps? Doesn’t everyone? Did X mark the spot on your treasure maps? Click here!


Lamenting the loss of Bake Off? We provide some local heritage recipes for you to try at home. A Taste of The Past isn’t just about a meal, it’s about the lives of our ancestors in this county and beyond, so click here to try something new (but old!). Share the results with us and your friends!


What else is in the Archives? Something for everyone, we believe, so give it a try!

explore_final_logo_jpegExplore Your Archive is a national week of celebration of archives services and the amazing documents they care for.

Why not explore our website and blogs to see a selection of our favourite documents. Better still, come and use and enjoy the original records which form our collections.

Interested in history of pubs? Visit Ceredigion Local History Forum’s Pint of History website to explore the history of pubs in Ceredigion (part of the Cynefin Project)

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