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Xmas Pie

This programme captures so much about Aberystwyth history. In WW2 the town was a major base for initial training for the RAF. This performance brought the military and the town together in the iconic King’s Hall to raise money for … Continue reading

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Captain Beefheart mince pies

Another Explore Your Archives exclusive! For our Making History event, I made the shrub – already blogged about – and, helped by my friend Mark, some festively archival mince pies using another recipe from the Webley-Parry recipe books. Here it is again: … Continue reading

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Shrub – by popular demand!

I made shrub for Making History, our Explore Your Archive 2017 event last November. The brave souls who tasted it were impressed and apparently completely unharmed! We therefore present (by popular demand) a blog all about making this very alcoholic … Continue reading

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Gogerddan Pudding Update

My mother and I ate the Gogerddan Christmas Pudding on Christmas Day. I steamed it for a couple of hours to make sure it was well heated through, turned it out, rushed into the garden for a fresh sprig of … Continue reading

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The Gogerddan Christmas Pudding

It was with some excitement that we recently received the recipe for the Christmas Puddings served by the Pryse family at the great Cardiganshire estate house Gogerddan (now part of the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at the … Continue reading

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Eat, drink and be merry – the festive season is upon us

Remember the recipe for elderberry wine from the Webley-Parry papers? It’s time for more seasonal delights from the wonderful recipe books in that collection.

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