Explore Your Archive 2016: Taste the Past at Ceredigion Archives

There are loads of recipes at Ceredigion Archives. They lurk in several different collections, and span three centuries. Some are in printed books, often promoting a particular brand or product, others are carefully copied in long-hand, shared between friends of years ago. We acquire them from many sources and we think they’re a great resource for everyone to enjoy.

Exploring food and cookery from former times is fascinating and leads to all kinds of research. Many words and phrases may be unfamiliar to the modern cook – what exactly IS a chafing dish? Is dripping a foodstuff or a plumbing problem ? What’s a manchet?

It’s great fun, and really interesting. Whether it’s the food of the poor, of the rich, of those in peace time or wartime; whether it’s a school cookery book or a bit of cordon bleu there’s so much to explore – and to sample.

All you need is a recipe, a shopping list, a kitchen and some imagination….

And keep checking – more recipes are on the way!

Explore Your Archive in Ceredigion Archives!


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