Shrub – by popular demand!

I made shrub for Making History, our Explore Your Archive 2017 event last November.

The brave souls who tasted it were impressed and apparently completely unharmed! We therefore present (by popular demand) a blog all about making this very alcoholic tipple. It only needs to stand for a few days so you could be sipping your own shrub by Christmas if you so desire.


Transcript (with some added punctuation):


Take half a Pound of Lemmon Peel cut very thin and the same quantitly of Sevile orange Peel, let it infuse in two quarts of real french Brandy for twenty four hours, then strain them and by squeezeing them to the Liquor add three quarts more of the Brandy, one of Lemmon Juice and a Pint of Sevile Orange Juice, two Pound and a half of double refined Sugar. Let it stand three or four days shaking it often, filter it through a fine flannel and let it stand some hours to fine then bottle it off. You may if you like it put two quarts of Rum instead of the Brandy.

Any marmalade makers will know that Seville oranges are very seasonal and only available in January so I used grapefruit (for bitterness) and ordinary oranges (for orangey-ness) instead.


The size of the recipe had to be reduced quite a lot. Instead of 5 quarts (10 pints!) of brandy I used a mere litre of Coop’s finest, and with that, the juice of four lemons, two oranges and two grapefruit, plus a bit less than 1 lb of sugar. I was aiming for approximately one-fifth of the original quantities.

After I juiced the fruit I shredded the peel in a food processor (NB. I only used the peel of one grapefruit) then put it in a big jar with the brandy overnight, keeping the juice separate until the next step.


The following day, I removed the peel and strained the liquid, added the sugar and the juice, and let it all sit in the big jar, shaking occasionally to help the sugar dissolve.

And that’s it! I decanted it into a bottle and brought it to our event where we served it cold with optional ginger beer. The County Archivist says that it is meant to be drunk hot (I had better make another batch soon to try this out)



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