Cardigan & Tivyside Advertiser – 150 years of news press

The first edition of the Cardigan & Tivyside Advertiser appeared on the 1st June 1866, a 150 years ago.

At first the paper comprised four pages, the front page consisting of local news, adverts and notices and a further three pages of franchised news bought in from London and made up of national news and articles of general interest.

Our opening address

The opening address of that first edition of 1 June 1866 sets out the parameters of the paper and notes that to succeed it will have to rely on a large circulation and that it will be of great benefit to local businesses as there is no better way to increase business than using the local paper.

It is therefore interesting to look at what type of businesses did advertise on the front page of the very first edition and to have a look at those in the 50th, and 100th anniversary editions.

The 1866 adverts relate to businesses in the town of Cardigan.

In 1916 there is only a small article entitled ‘About Ourselves’ noting the 50 year mark. Celebrations were muted due to the fact that the Great War was in progress.

June 1916 Front page - About ourselves

By 1916 there are a plethora of British companies advertising on the front page – a move away from the local adverts seen in 1866. There seems to be a preoccupation with health products and remedies including:

1966 sees a marked change again in content with the front page dedicated to local news stories. Of course with such an important celebration the Queen sent the paper a message of congratulations and the paper also produced an eight page supplement.

Queen 100

1966 sees a return to local adverts appearing in the paper and the supplement contains numerous adverts congratulating the paper on reaching its very important milestone.

Interestingly, D.R. Daniel Ltd also had an advert in the very first edition in 1866

2016 sees further challenges with the advent of the digital age where news stories are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. The front page of the paper notes that it is read by 17,032 people in print and online every week – ‘The VOICE of the COMMUNITY for 150 years’.

Dathlu 150 o flynyddoedd

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